travellllllGambia is a smallest west African nation surrounded by Senegal,centrally located and just minutes from the beach, it has a little something precious for everyone. A holiday in Gambia also means you’re just steps away from the ultimate shopping experience, Gambia bird watching, gorgeous beaches, sailing, fishing, canoeing and wind- surfing.

Inviting you to enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of Gambia with a gambia affordable holiday deals. Inclusive of accommodation. It is great way to explore the gambia’s beautiful country. At our lodge,taking advantage of cool ocean breezes permeating off the north Atlantic, features a diverse selection of eateries, most offering al fresco experiences “to satiate any appetite or mood”.

Time to take advantage of some of the best gambia holiday packages. Enjoying Gambia holidays with us get you close to all the local activity ranging from cooking to nature trails, bird-watching to beach fishing, cycling to photography and you can also count on Footsteps eco-lodges to assist you every step of the way with the help of Sarani and Lamin on guided half and full day trips to breathe-taking areas.

The Gambia consists mainly of a long sandy beach, only interrupted in a few places by small cliffs and rock formations. The beaches in the Gambia are everything that you would expect of a tropical paradise, warm sea water, miles and miles of un-crowded sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

But there’s more to Africa’s smallest country than sun and surf. You will come to know bout stunning nature reserves, such as Kiang West National Park and River Gambia National Park, and the historical slaving stations of St James Island and Jufureh offer peaceful pauses from the clamour of the nearby coast. Must visit to the Mole, Pendjari and Waza. These wildlife reserves are some of the finest in West Africa – they may not be as famous but the wildlife is just as diverse, safaris cost a fraction of those in eastern and southern Africa.

The Gambia culture is always there to be taken in by open-eyed visitors. Traditional wrestling matches regularly take place, the heaving markets of Banjul and Serekunda & the Atlantic Coast have you soaking up the atmosphere and sharpening your negotiation skills, and the striking performances of kora-strumming griots can be experienced during weddings, baptisms or public concerts.

Refresh yourself by the pool while sipping on cold beers or finely balanced wines and enjoy having varied dishes created with the freshest ingredients and inspiring combinations. It is just moments away from the apex of entertainment, shopping, nightlife and fine dining.

Footsteps Eco-lodges strive to fulfill the needs of their clients and to provide the best service possible.

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